How to write Resignation Email [Letter of Resignation Email]

In certain circumstances, submitting a resignation email note is the ideal approach to quit your employment. It is preferable to quit your work by notifying your manager in person if at all feasible. You might not be able to quit in person if you have a remote job or if your supervisor works in another city or country. In this instance, you can opt to send an email announcing your resignation. If giving notice in person isn't possible, this is appropriate.

Letter of Resignation Email

How to Write a Resignation Email?

Keep it Simple & Concise — When composing a resignation email, people frequently make the mistake of making it too descriptive and extensive. You do not need to detail why you are quitting, where you are going next, or what you plan to do in a Resignation Letter Email to your employer. Instead, explain that you are quitting from your current post and will fulfill all necessary workplace formalities.

Specify Your Last Working Day — You must state the precise date of your final working day at the workplace. It's easy to become confused without the date, which makes the HR job more difficult. By stating your final working day, you are indicating that you will no longer be accessible after that day, and everyone is informed.

Describe Your Wrap-Up & Handover — If you have any unfinished projects, please outline how you plan to complete them. In most circumstances, you will say who of your coworkers will take up the duty, or you will request that your supervisor assign someone to you.

What to Include in Your Letter of Resignation Email

Include the date you want to leave the company. This will provide your company with a clear picture of your schedule. Consider how much warning you want to give before sending your message. Two weeks' notice is normal, but it's not necessary if you need to leave immediately.

Express Gratitude

This is an excellent opportunity to express your appreciation for your time spent at the organization. Do not criticize or express anything bad in your letter, even if you are dissatisfied with the firm. The idea is to keep a positive connection with the employer, especially since you may need a letter of recommendation in the future.

Offer Assistance

Offer to assist the firm through the changeover phase if you can. You may, for example, offer to teach a new employee or keep track of the duties you do.

Resignation Email Message Writing Tips

Emailing Your Employer

Send the email to your supervisor and include a carbon copy (cc) for the Human Resources department to keep on file. You can also send a duplicate to your email account for your records if your soon-to-be-former company disables your work email account right away.

Give Two Weeks' Notice

Send the email to your supervisor, but make sure to include a carbon copy (cc) for the Human Resources department. You can also send a duplicate to your email account for your records if your soon-to-be-former company disables your work email account right away.

Be Ready to Leave Immediately

Your employer may opt to terminate your job immediately after receiving your resignation, even if you offer two weeks' notice. So, before sending your resignation email, tie up any loose ends and pack your personal belongings.

Don't Go into Details.

You are not required to explain why you are leaving or what you plan to do next. However, you should limit your letter to a minimum.

Ask Any Questions

This is also an excellent time to address any questions you may have concerning compensation or benefits, such as where or when your last payment will be delivered. Again, both your company and the Human Resources department should get the email. Human Resources will be able to respond to such inquiries.

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Email 

Resignation Email Subject Line: Resignation – Ross Geller

Dear Ms. Monica,

Please consider this note because I will be leaving Truffle Company on June 15, which is less than two weeks away. I'm grateful for the possibilities I've been provided at TRUFFLE, as well as your expert advice and assistance. In the future, I wish you and your firm the best of luck.

Please let me know my final work schedule, vacation leave balance, and employee perks. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you throughout this transition. You may reach me at or 555-555-5555 if you need to contact me in the future.


Ross Geller

Effective Immediately Resignation Email

Email Subject Line: Resignation – Ross Geller

Dear Ms. Monica,

Unfortunately, due to personal issues, I must quit immediately, effective June 3. I've had a great experience at Cube Corp and will miss working with you and the rest of the team. I'm proud of what we've accomplished.

Thank you for your encouragement and mentoring over the last five years. I understand that my abrupt departure will cause some inconvenience; please accept my deepest apologies and assistance with the adjustment. I'm happy to assist in screening replacement candidates and the video conferencing training of my successor.

Please feel free to contact me by email ( or phone (555-555-5555) if you have any questions.

Thank you again.


Ross Geller

Resignation Email Message Example – Personal Reasons

Email Subject Line: Resignation – Ross Geller

Dear Ms. Monica,

Please regard this mail as formal notice of my departure from Company Cube. My last day will be March 15, which is exactly two weeks from now. Unfortunately, family obligations now consume my time and attention.

Please let me know how I may help you at this time of change. I am glad for the five years I spent at this organization, and I will remember the encouragement and compassion I got from management and coworkers fondly. You can contact me at my email ( or on my mobile phone in the future (555-555-5555).

Thank you once more, and I hope to keep in contact.


Your Name

Letter of Resignation Email Sample Template in PDF and Word Format

Two Weeks Notice Resignation Email

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Effective Immediately Resignation Email

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Resignation Email Message

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Resignation letters are one of the most effective methods to formally leave a firm on a positive note and strengthen your future connection with the firm and your co-workers. In addition, a well-written resignation letter is one of the most solid stepping stones in your professional career when written properly.

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